Balazs Lucza

Balazs Lucza

Director / Screenwriter / Photographer

New Life... New Site :)


I moved to Los Angeles in Aug, 2010 starting a journey towards my dreams after years of planning and longing. The irony in the story is that I got the greenlight to go right when I wanted to leave my country the least. However, I have to admit after a year of walking on this road that THAT higher force knows more about timing than I do.

I'm studying in college, taking both cinema and general education classes. As any starving student I'm always on the hunt for some extra cash. That's why I decided that time has come for me to keep doing what I had been doing in the last couple years in my country, PUT MY CREATIVITY INTO THE SERVICE OF OTHERS.

So with this website I'm opening the doors again to the public to showcase my talent and offer my services in the mentioned fields.

Along the way, I'm hoping to make some good friends, maybe future colleagues, and have lots of beautiful work flow through my life with joy and deepness.

I've never been good at writing journals, so don't expect this page to be updated everyday. I will however do my best to make it interesting :)

Have a creative day! ;)


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